Operator Control
Conveniently controlled from operator’s position in loader cab
Belt speed is controlled by the RPM of the loader engine
Flow control valve will limit flow and speed if required
Folding and Travel features controlled from controls on the conveyor base

Hydraulic System
Low torque, high speed hydraulic motor
Loader pump capacity must match conveyor motor
Minimum requirements, 40 g/m @ 3000 psi
Oil supply to the conveyor motor is from loader
A third valve function control is required
Receiving Hopper
Receiving hopper will hold up to 2 cubic yards of material, but the placer is designed to move the material as it is loaded
Hopper and conveyor can be hydraulically shifted to the left or right 2 feet of center to adjust dumping position
Conveyor Details
Conveyor folds at midpoint to travel in a 10′ path while attached to loader
Belt speed is approximately 550 f/m
Belt width is 60″
3 ply belting
Conveyor length is 21′ head pulley to tail pulley
Top edge of hopper at rubber bumper is 30″
Height clearance at center of belt in hopper 23″
Conveyor may be rotated 180 degrees to accommodate desired travel direction
Compatible with most manufactures wheel loaders and other modular equipment
Can handle any flowable materials
Working length attached to loader is 21’6″
Traveling length attached to loader is 10′
Unit width is 8’6′
Unit is a legal load for transportation on flatbed trailer at 8’6″ x 2