A new innovative, cost saving way to fine grade trim road-ways, sidewalks, trails and parking lots


Skid Mounted Attaching

Five Degree Angle Cut

Two Hydraulic Cylinders raise and lower the trimmer head to exactly match designed finish grade elevation

GPS and Robotic Total Station capable

96″ cut path

Functions in automatic and manual mode

Pressure gauge visible in the cab allows operator to adjust ground dpees to varying soil conditions

16″ diameter, 1/2 steel flighted, integrated replaceable carbide cutting teeth

16″ diameter rolling drum

Mid-mounted grader blade that ride between the trimmer and the rolling drum

38.26 cubic inch displacement, direct-drive hydraulic motor

Weight: 3,400 LBS

Rotor Speed: 210 RPM at 35 GPM hydraulic flow


Stringline Controls w/Sensor: $8,000.00


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